Dems Push For Their Own Version Of FISA Memo To Be Released

Schumer Pushes Trump To Put Out Democrat Approved Version Of The Memo.

Democrats much like the wind have changed direction. Where they were fighting tooth and nail to stop the original FISA Memo’s release, they now have their own version of the FISA Memo that they want to be released. I guess the public is smart enough to understand their memo.

So now Schumer is pushing Trump to release the Democrats version of events, claiming the public needs to hear both sides of the story especially as the current Memo is so damning to the FBI and DOJ.

“I again urge you to support the release of ranking member Schiff’s memo so that the American people can make their own judgment on the facts of the case,” Schumer also said.

You can bet your bottom dollar that this Democrat endorsed Memo will paint them in a much better light. As Democrats are already up in arms claiming that the Nunes written FISA Memo is supposedly cherry-picked information. Intel that was strategically released to attack at the legitimacy of the Mueller investigation.

But Republicans have already responded and claimed the recently released Memo is nothing but above board. They don’t see how it would undermine the investigation.

“The memo has nothing to do at all with the special counsel,” Utah Rep. Chris Stewart, a Republican member of the Intelligence Committee, told “Fox News Sunday.” “I hope the special counsel completes his work and reports it to the people.”

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I wonder if Trump will allow the Democrat endorsed Memo to be released. As you know they will be looking to save face with their version. Do we really want to muddy the water and allow Democrats to warp and change the narrative with their new Memo?