James Woods Deflates Pelosi’s Trump Hating Bubble

James Woods Comes To Trump’s Defense.

After the State Of The Union Address, Democrats were, of course, ready to show their Trump Hating fangs and jumped on Twitter to bash him. But Trump had an ally on Twitter, that saw the BS flowing from the Liberals and decided to say what everyone was thinking.

Pelosi post-SOTUA went straight to Twitter hypocritically calling Trump a liar and crazy. She then went on to give high praise to her Democrat colleague Joe Kennedy who gave the rebuttal to the SOTUA.

Luckily her negative banter attracted the attention of James Woods who was more than ready to come to Trump’s defense and put Pelosi back in her place. James honed in on Pelosi’s odd mouth movements during the SOTUA and Kennedy’s overly shiny lips.

But Woods was not done with Pelosi as he posted another great Tweet aimed at Pelosi’s credibility.

But there was more weird behavior other than just Pelosi playing with her dentures and Kennedy’s overly glossed/drooled? lips. Some Democrats were more than a little disrespectful during the SOTUA. They seemed to go out of their way to ensure people knew they were upset with Trump. During the Address, Democrats purposefully protested Trump’s speaking points by remaining seated while the rest of the audience rightfully stood and applauded.

Shapiro said it best:

“They didn’t just sit, actually. They grimaced. They groaned. They booed and hissed. And it wasn’t just that they disapproved of Trump on policy. It’s that they refused to stand for things they supposedly believe in because they hate Trump so much. Paid family leave? They sat. Infrastructure spending? They sat. Amnesty for 1.8 million illegal immigrants? They sat.

And then they sat some more. They sat when Trump touted the American flag. They sat when Trump touted American freedom. They sat when Trump touted low black unemployment rates. They sat when Trump cheered American opportunity.”

This is the classless nature of some Democrats unable to get past the fact that Trump is president. So instead of accepting that simple fact, they are doing all they can to throw tantrums in the public, verbal and non-verbal. It’s no wonder that Trump has such trouble getting things done when he has politicians like this to contend with. Democrats that work against what is best for America just so they can say Trump isn’t getting anything done.