This Is How Dangerous The Anti-Gun Movement Really Is!


The Liberal Fueled Anti-Gun Movement Can Easily Become Detrimental To American Freedom.

We have all been in mourning over what happened at the Parkland High School in Florida. Where one mentally ill man stole the light from 17 bright souls and destroyed their families. It seems popular at this time to scream for change, and change is needed, but should that change be to hinder the rights of law-abiding Americans? Absolutely not.

The levelheaded few have remained silent since the shooting to allow fueled emotions to run their course but it’s time to debate the sensitive subject of ‘where we go from here’.  While the liberal left has used this tragedy to stoke the fires of their anti-gun movement, using countries who have ‘dropped arms’ like buzz-words, we have to ask ourselves who really benefit from the disarmament of Americans? An overzealous government, maybe? Criminals, definitely.

Our founding fathers had the gift of foresight when they decided to throw away their own fortunes to become criminals for the Constitution, of the types of tyranny a nation without arms would face. History has shown true their fears of what could be.

Not to drop more ‘buzzwords’ into the confusion but Hitler himself sought to control the right to bear arms and it did not fare well for the Jews, Polish, or the Ukrainians. As this article by an American Thinker writer points out, the solution, if there is one, is in treating the mentally ill. Because they are the problem here, not guns.

As Written By Ojel L. Rodriguez with American Thinker:

Addressing the “gun problem” without addressing these other issues that may provide an explanation for the rise in mass shootings is a huge mistake.  Examining all the data relating to mass shootings reveals a considerable spike during the sexual revolution years, so this is not a “gun only” problem.

If we focus only on guns and implement public policies accordingly, then there is one logical conclusion where all of this will end – the banning of guns.  Liberals may deny this, but no one should be surprised since many Democratic Party voters clearly interpret the phrase “gun control” as “banning guns.”

The English bill of rights of 1689 enshrined the right of subjects of the English crown to own guns for their defense.  Our Founders were conscious of this idea and adopted the 2nd Amendment to safeguard that right.  While there is no doubt we must take action to prevent school shootings from ever happening again, it cannot be a gun-only solution, because that is to embark on a slippery slope toward the outright banning of guns.  In this day and age, when we have government pursuing basically the death penalty without due process through euthanasia when our cherished ordered liberty is under threat, government and criminals must not have a monopoly on violence.

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