Florida’s New Gun Control Bill: A Few Compromises Too Many?

Florida Passes New Gun Control Bill.

Mixed News for Floridian faculty and students, their politicians actually addressed school shooting concerns. The new Florida Bill does have some compromises like bringing up the legal buying age to 21, a three day waiting period, and the banning of the bump stock. But these compromises were all to ensure an important school hardening feature was added. Florida will now allow some of the staff to arm themselves and be ready to defend the school.

The ability to arm the teachers is a big win as many states can’t even get to this point with all of the Liberal anti-gun interference. First, the school district would have to opt into the training program for Teachers, as 132 hours would be required. The Bill states that only non-classroom teacher would be allowed to carry. Meaning Gym Coaches, Guidance Councilors, and Administrators.

These Teachers would not only have to go through training but would also have to have a mental health and drug screening. After all of that, they would have to get the appropriate licensing, But this is a huge step in the right direction.

Watch The Video Below.

“Florida would join at least six other states – Georgia, Kansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming – with laws allowing school employees to carry firearms at kindergarten-12 public schools, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

Originally the Bill was also set to have a ban on AR-15s but Luckily that was dropped. Although there are compromises like the age requirement increase and 3-day waiting period, I think it’s important not to forget that this Bill allows for Teachers to defend their schools.

The Bill has 15 days until it becomes law but in that time the Governor can veto the bill.

The bill is not ideal as there are some add-ons that are not necessary. I worry that the School districts will opt out of the training which would make this bill pointless. Without the arming of teachers, this is just a Gun Control Bill. Should the Governor Veto this bill and risk losing the ability to arm teachers?