CNN Caught Red Handed Misinformation Plot Over Parade Massacre BACKFIRES

CNN and some of the other media networks immediately tried to shape the narrative surrounding the Christmas Parade massacre that took place in Wisconsin.

Just moments after a black man drove an SUV into parade spectators the mainstream media gang claimed it was not intentional.

It was all fake news.

Police have alleged that Darrel Brooks, 39, from Wisconsin intentionally drove into a crowd of people attending the Christmas parade. The fake news attempt by CNN has blown up in their face.

According to reports Brooks – who has an extensive criminal history – was out on bail after being charged with purposely running over a woman.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm is also playing defense. Chisholm won office thanks to George Soros donations and installed a similar bail system that is destroying New York City. Chisholm is claiming that Brooks bail was accidentally set too low and is opening an investigation.

Post Millenial journalist Andy Ngo has exposed why the media is trying to bury the massacre.

Brooks social media accounts show posts about him expressing his wish to knock out white people and attack the elderly.