Chris Wallace Is Having ‘Daily Meltdowns’ After Getting A Heavy Dose Of Reality

Former Fox News host Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat thought that he would be making a statement by resigning from Fox News and heading over to work at CNN.

Well, that has all started to fall apart and now Wallace is reportedly having “daily meltdowns” because of it.

Since the registered Democrat left Fox News CNN has been the center of several high-profile scandals and one that forced CNN president Jeff Zucker and his alleged lover CNN executive vice President Allison Gollust to resign.

After leaving Fox News Wallace announced that he would be helping launch CNN’s streaming service called CNN+ which was the creation of Zucker and Gollust who no longer work for the network. The entire venture could be canceled because Zucker is no longer part of the network.

Good old Chris isn’t handling the news well especially after it was announced that CNN is under new management and is cleaning house.


Wallace isn’t the only member of CNN freaking out.

It has been reported that Warner Brothers-Discover head David Zaslav, who owns CNN, is going try and dial back the partisanship and “re-establish” credibility. Host Brian Stelter and his buddy Oliver Darcy appear to be on the chopping block. According to DC Examiner, Jon Nicosia Discovery leaked that executive producer Chris Licht, formerly of CBS This Morning is slotted to run CNN. They also announced that the role of “media reporter” is going to “take a new direction.”