Chicago Gun Protesting Students Show Their True Disrespectful Colors [Video]

Gun Protesting Students Vandalize A Walmart.

The Liberal Mainstream Media has been glamorizing these Parkland Students. They have used these kids to push their anti-gun narrative. Many students around the nation decided that they needed to step up their game earlier this week a nationwide walkout was staged. But what happened after the peaceful protest? Well, some students felt all hyped and decided to use up their energy messing up a local Walmart.

One Walmart employee and eyewitness provided a statement to The Red Elephants.  “These guys jacked up our store pretty good. They pounced on cars in the lot, Vandalized two of the school buses parked there, threw Gatorade bottles at shoppers, Smoke bombs, and we heard gunshots in the parking lot, he said.

Shoppers and employees were amazed at the poor conduct that students exhibited. The ‘protesters’ left the Walmart in shambles over an anti-gun protest?

Customers and employees that saw the aftermath originally thought the Walmart had been vandalized, one woman says she thought there was a fight, all were stunned to learn this was a protest for ‘peace’. An undetermined amount of monetary damage, theft, and horrible mess if the only message these students left behind.


Unedited recording from Employee- Video Contains strong language.

According to Chicago Suntimes, what happened at the Walmart wasn’t a harmless prank. It showed a troubling disregard for one’s own community.

All of the students who took part in trashing the store should be required to apologize to the store’s employees.

They should also be made to apologize to Simeon’s student body and to the local school council. School officials need to make it clear that this type of behavior is a stain not only on the school but also on the neighborhood.

Is an apology enough? Should their parents be held responsible for damages? Authorities say they are using high-resolution security footage to identify the perpetrators but no arrests have been made as of yet.