A Teacher Murdered in The Amazon Left Cryptic Messages on Twitter.

 British Teacher Found Herself in A Terrifying Situation While Exploring The Amazon.

Emma Kelty, 42, was kayaking the Amazon river for 42 days when her trip turned deadly. The adventurous British teacher’s course was set for the 4,000-mile adventure when she was robbed by pirated for her GoPro camera. The pirates fatal shot Emma in the head and dumped her body in the river.

This information from a teenager who admitted to robbing and killing the teacher. Police reported that the murderers attempted to sell Emma’s belongings  — at a market in Lauro Sodré. Including a laptop, her cell phone a tablet and of course Emma’s GoPro camera. Though, Emma’s body has not been found a kayak and clothing that appears to belong to the teacher was found along the shore near where she last reported being.

Her Messages are frightening.

Sometime within 24 hours of Emma’s first message about the 50 men with bows and arrows, the teacher lost her life. The even left her family devastated. In their grief, the family made a statement wanting everyone to know how wonderful Emma was and how proud of her they are. Emma was a true adventurer.

Around Coari Emma Activated her emergency beacon, Brizill’s Navy reported. The teen who admitted to killing Emma said he was with 6 other people at the time of the murder. The group of men shot Emma and dumped her body in the Solimoes River, where the Brazilian Navy hopes to find Emma’s body.

As Reported by The Sun.

Despite her writing two days later that she was “in the clear,” she was, in fact, going through an area notorious for its pirate attacks and drug traffickers.

While Emma has not been found, her belongings were found on the shore with her orange kayak, with local police saying criminals had been trying to sell off some of the items.

Local police chief Ivo Martines said the woman had been near a trafficking route, but it was not necessarily linked