Calls For Accountability Cause Biden & Dems To Crawl Into A Corner After $5.5 Trillion Disappears

Democrats in the Senate, House, and White House have just passed another $15 billion in spending for the pandemic and Biden is calling for more to fund a coronavirus booster campaign. However, Americans and even people in the media are asking what happened to the previous $5.5 trillion of emergency appropriations that was passed by Congress.

From Bloomberg:

In recent court filings, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has described a “massive fraud scheme” in which nonprofit organizations in Minnesota illegally diverted aid money intended to feed needy kids and used the proceeds “to purchase real estate, cars and other items.” All told, the groups received some $65 million from federal food programs during the pandemic.

While shocking, the incident is by no means anomalous. As Congress has doled out almost $6 trillion in relief funds, crooks and con men have lined up to get their share. They’ve created fake companies, stolen identities, invented employees, misstated their earnings, and otherwise conspired to siphon off taxpayer money. The Secret Service, which has opened more than 900 Covid-related criminal cases, estimates that $100 billion may have been misappropriated.

Even that may be understating the problem. As little as 23% of the $800 billion doled out by the Paycheck Protection Program actually found its way into workers’ pockets. A Department of Labor study estimated that more than $87 billion in emergency unemployment benefits were improperly paid. The Small Business Administration has (among other blunders) disbursed more than $6.2 billion to loan applicants it now suspects of identity theft. Somehow, the Internal Revenue Service managed to issue 2.2 million stimulus checks — worth about $3.5 billion — to dead people.

Only in government could such calamitous neglect be considered business as usual.

We know a lot of the paycheck protection program went to big corporate businesses that were buddies of the Democrats. The rent assistance program set up by the feds was a huge failure so where did the rest of the money go? Any chance we could get a spreadsheet?

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue their push to spend rampant amounts of money driving up inflation which is causing the Fed to raise interest rates.

As usual, the American people are going to bear the brunt of reckless government spending.