VIDEO: Antifa Goons Sweep In To Help Biden, Attack Protestors Across The Country

Biden’s approval ratings are in the trash, the country is on the verge of ignoring him, and Americans are against his mandates. In response, Antifa has swooped back in and began attacking people peacefully protesting vaccine mandates.

In Boston, protestors were violently attacked during an event organized by the “Super Happy Fun America” group who are against mask and vaccine mandates.

When the event was made public Antifa groups like the “Green Monster Antifa” and “Solidarity Against Hate-Boston” announced they were going to crash the event.

Antifa attacked the protestors causing fights to break out until police were able to separate the two groups.

The police department did mobilize officers in riot gear to protect the protestors from Antifa.

After no longer able to attack protestors Antifa then began blasting loud music to overwhelm the protest against mandates.

The Antifa groups that mobilized to attack those against government imposed medical tyranny were seen holding up banners featuring Stalin and Mao claiming they are representing freedom.

Antifa also attacked a group of protestors in Los Angeles speaking out against the vaccine mandates being imposed by Governor Newsom.