California Dem Faces Backlash For Her ‘Crusty Old Marine’ Comment [Video]

 Young California Democrat Is receiving some well-deserved criticism for her unpatriotic comment about service members.

Sara Jacobs had the opportunity be to the youngest congresswoman at age 28 but may have blown her chances with her unpatriotic comments about her opponent, R-Colonel Applegate. Jacobs cites that she did not mention Applegate’s name in the comment but that means little to nothing at this point.

This should not bode well for Sara Jacobs as the seat she is attempting to fill is California’s 49th district and contains the West Coast’s largest Marine base, doh. Clearly, Jacobs did not think this whole thing through.



Sara Jacobs issued an apology on her Facebook page which most are calling ‘too little too late’. Jacobs has already shown her true colors and like many Democrats before her, Jacobs is

From Sara Jacobs Facebook. Photo taken from the video.

As Seen On The San Diego Union Tribune:

“As somebody who proudly served our country and risked life and limb to defend our nation and our families, I believe that no candidate for public office should attack our service members,” Christina Prejean, an Air Force veteran, said in a statement. “We serve because of our innate passion to protect our country. We should never tear down veterans.”

Prejean left the military as a captain after six years in uniform and now works as a lawyer representing service members and veterans who were sexually assaulted while on duty.

Ashley Hayek, the president and CEO of a firm that raises money for Republicans, also attacked Jacobs for her comment.

“What a thoughtful way to acknowledge someone’s military service you spoiled brat @SaraJacobsCA @USMC,” Hayek tweeted, ap apparent reference to Jacobs being the granddaughter of Irwin Jacobs, billionaire co-founder of Qualcomm.

Parke Skelton, a consultant for another Democratic candidate, attorney Mike Levin, tweeted that Jacobs’ comment “Seems like a devastating error in this district.”