Maxine Waters Plans For Her Own State Of The Union Broadcast On BET

Waters Plans To Do Her Own State Of The Union Address.

Maxine Waters the outspoken Trump Hater has already made everyone aware that she will not be attending the State of the Union Address. She has now decided that the President Trump’s address will not be enough. She feels the need to make one herself and broadcast it on BET right after Trump finishes the real one.

Maxine will be analyzing Trump’s first year and talking about “building black politics and the value of engagement across today’s socio-political landscape.” But as we have seen before Waters is no fan of Trump so most likely it will just be more of the same, bash Trump, call for his impeachment, and complain about how she feels he is not doing enough.

She will probably be covering the tweet below. Liberals are claiming Trump had nothing to do with Black unemployment rates as they can’t handle giving Trump any credit, as it would undermine their whole hate Trump mantra. While ignoring the fact that Democrats have historically used minorities for the votes while giving them nothing.

In fairness to Rep. Waters, the official Democratic State of the Union response may be as irrelevant. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III — the heir to the Kennedy dynasty — will give the rebuttal in an effort to convince Americans that the Democratic Party is one of middle-class values and is in touch with the needs of blue-collar, working Americans.”

Watch The Parody Clip Below Of What To Expect.

“Convince Americans that the Democratic Party is one of middle-class.” Now that’s a laughable statement as Maxine Waters has her totally relatable “working class” 4.5 million dollar mansion. The House Minority Leader Democrat Nancy Pelosi is voting against the Tax Reform because she is worried about paying more taxes on her multiple mansions. But having mansions is how all of the middle classes live right?