Terrifying Body Cam Footage Leads To Attempted Murder Charges [Uncensored Video]

A Pembroke Pines Florida Officer, Jon Cusack, Came dangerously close to losing his life after responding to, what should have been, a life-saving call.

Officer Cusack responded to a call reported a couple was in their car unconscious. What officer Cusack expected was a possible life-saving stop and maybe a drug arrest. What actually happened was nothing short of terrifying.

As seen on Cusack’s body cam the driver woke up and floored it. The officer was forced to hold on to the car for fear of being run over. The assailant proceded to drag the officer up to 60MPH before Cusack fell and tumbled around on the asphalt.

It was reported that Cusack’s injuries were serious but not life-threatening. This could have easily been Officer Cusack’s last call. It didn’t end there, though.



As Reported By NBC Miam..

The Pembroke Pines Police Department released dramatic body camera footage of an officer being dragged while hanging on the driver’s door of a fleeing vehicle during an overdose call, which led to a high-speed chase.

Thomas Cabrera was charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer over the incident. He also faces charges of reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

The video shows police officer Jon Cusack, a 19-year veteran, approach a vehicle where two people possibly overdosed. After a brief exchange and physical altercation, Cusack was soon hanging for his life from the side of the vehicle.

Thankfully, This man, Thomas Cabrera, 38, was apprehended after a long police chase and charged with attempted murder.

The Sun-Sentinal Reports:

Cabrera later admitted to police that he tried to pry Cusack’s fingers from the door frame, the arrest report said. Cabrera, who lives in Century Village, intentionally drove toward a Pembroke Pines Fire-Rescue ambulance that was called to treat a possible overdose patient, but the ambulance driver was able to avoid a crash, police said.

Cabrera was arrested on charges of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer; fleeing and eluding; driving with a suspended license and reckless driving. He admitted using cocaine and heroin before Cusack arrived at his parked car, the arrest report said.

Police say after Cusack let go of the Honda, Cabrera led squad cars on a 20-mile chase in Broward County.