Biden’s Buddies Threaten Retribution For People Chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Communism seems to have infected the west and now officials are trying to crack down on people chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The chant “Let’s Go Brandon” has gone international and it appears that someone made a call to the Canadian government who is now cracking down anyone who utters the phrase.

A letter was sent to federal Canadian workers informing them that the agency responsible for providing IT Services will be monitoring their communications to find people using the popular phrase “Lets Go Brandon.” Should an employee be caught mentioning “he who must not be named” they will be fired immediately without union representation.

The official letter said, “This is a formal notification that all government correspondence must be professional in nature and approved by department heads. When applicable all correspondence must be vetted by the PMO for framing and message prior to public disclosure or internal distribution.”

“The uses of colloquialisms or sayings with intended double meaning or offense are strictly prohibited in all means of correspondence and/or communication,” the memo continued. “Specifically, the use of the wording ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and any variation thereof under any circumstance is banned by the Canadian Public Service.”

“Please contact your department heads for the applicable writing references. We have been informed that this will be zero tolerance issue within the management structure this position is fully supported by the leadership of PSAC. Violation of this policy will be grounds for immediate dismissal without recourse or labor union participation,” the memo concluded.

Biden has mentioned twice how much the signs and protestors bother him and it’s only a matter of time before the same letters start being issued inside the United States. You know a meme has caught on when it goes international and a foreign government is trying to ban its use. It’s also a sign that the President of the United States of America is an international laughing stalk.

Daily Wire