Brave Whistleblower Blows The Doors Off ‘Ministry Of Truth, Leaked Docs Show It’s Worse Than Thought

A brave whistleblower came forward and leaked documents to Senate Republicans, who have now sent a letter to the DHS demanding answers.

The leaked documents show how in-depth the board was and their unconstitutional plans.

The Ministry planned to regulate “[d]isinformation related to the origins and effects of COVID-19 vaccines or the efficacy of masks.” The Ministry would provide marching orders to Twitter & other social media. A plain violation of the 1st amendment: “The Department has been working on plans to ‘operationalize’ its relationships with private social media companies to implement its public policy goals.”

A “Ministry of Truth” meeting scheduled with executives at Twitter for April 28, 2022, has caught the eye of Senate Republican Chuck Grassley.

“We[Senate Republicans] obtained draft briefing notes prepared for a scheduled April 28, 2022, meeting between Robert Silvers and Twitter executives Nick Pickles, Head of Policy, and Yoel Roth, Head of Site Integrity,” Grassley wrote to the Biden Administration. “The notes are marked ‘TBC,’ and it is unclear whether the scheduled meeting actually took place. The briefing notes frame the planned meeting between Silvers and the Twitter executives as ‘an opportunity to discuss operationalizing public-private partnerships between DHS and Twitter, as well as [to] inform Twitter executives about DHS work on MDM, including the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board and its analytic exchange…’  According to whistleblower allegations, Nina Jankowicz may have been hired because of her relationship with executives at Twitter. Consistent with these allegations, Silvers’ briefing notes state that both Pickles and Roth know Jankowicz.”

It is unknown if the meeting took place and it makes sense now why liberals are freaking out Elon is purchasing the social media giant.

Grassley also pointed out that if the plans of the meeting were carried out it would be a violation of the Constitution because the government cannot censor “opposing viewpoints – even if those viewpoints were false.”

The leaked documents from the DHS admitted that the “Ministry of Truth” was being set up as a propaganda unit to silence dissent against the Biden administration.

“The federal government may not always be the ideal or most trusted voice on a given topic. OHS should work closely as appropriate with state, locaJ, tribal, and territorial (SL TT) authorities and private sector partners,” one of the leaked documents said.

You can read the six-page letter sent by Grassley and the documents here.