Watch: Biden Speechless When Peppered With Questions He Can’t Answer, Attempted Revenge Against Red States Just Blew Up In His Face

Upon Biden’s return from his holiday break, he was peppered with questions and his response was deafening. Biden just sat there looking clueless and remained silent, the man has no answers.

Biden’s policies and attempt to get revenge on red states have blown up in his face.

In September 2021, Biden announced his OSHA mandate that required workers to be vaccinated or tested weekly. Then in October 2021 Biden ignored health experts who suggested he ramp up production for at-home test kits in preparation for a surge in cases over the holidays. Some believe Biden didn’t ramp up the availability of testing because he wanted to force people to get vaccinated.

All of that has now blown up in his face just like him limiting antibody treatments in Florida.

Biden is so angry with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that he cut them off from receiving coronavirus antibody treatment because he wants to force Americans to get the vaccine.

“State and territorial health departments will subsequently identify sites that will receive product and how much,” a Biden official continued, claiming the system will “help maintain equitable distribution, both geographically and temporally, across the country, providing states and territories with consistent, fairly distributed supply over the coming weeks.”

The Biden administration is slashing doses of monoclonal antibody treatment to Florida, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana. What the regime isn’t telling you is that Texas and Florida have high rates of vaccination as well, Biden’s decision is about political revenge not fairness.

In response, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he would “fight like hell” to get his own shipments and he has. The governor has secured a shipment of 3,000 doses sotrovimab to help the state overcome the shortage created by the Biden regime.

“We’re going to be able to use that sotrovimab to bridge some of the gaps that are gonna be developing as a result of the Biden administration dramatically cutting medications to the state of Florida,” DeSantis said at the Florida Department of Health office in Tampa.

“The most recent shipment that we’re scheduled to receive for the entire state of Florida is a little less than 18,000 doses of Regeneron. Our state sites just a few weeks ago were doing well over 30,000 doses just in our sites, that doesn’t even include any of the hospitals,” DeSantis said.

What Biden did was purely political instead of letting communities choose how they battle the coronavirus and aiding them he is enforcing his political will for the vaccine.