Biden Preps ‘Aggressive’ Executive Orders That Will Crush What’s Left Of The Economy

Biden is going to continue his radical agenda and his plans will crush what’s left of the United States economy.

The president told donors in Philadelphia that he is going to continue to crush the oil and gas industry despite record high energy prices.

“I’m going to continue to take executive actions where I can.  The Court has overruled me a couple of times.  But we created a climate office in the White House to carry out the whole-of-government effort to deal with climate,” Biden said.

“I’ve signed executive orders ranging from the most ambitious fuel economy standards for cars and trucks to taking on super-polluting hydrofluorocarbons.  And we’re going to continue to be aggressive on the executive front as well,” Biden added.

Just a few days later, House Democrats were nipping at Biden’s heels demanding he declare an emergency to stop domestic oil exports and drilling.

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-California) said that if Biden declares a climate emergency it would be a “centerpiece” of the Democrat’s executive order plan.

According to the Democrats, we aren’t a country that passes laws and has debates in Congress. We are now to be ruled by executive order and then cross our fingers SCOTUS doesn’t strike the order down.

Note that the Biden and the Democrats are not looking to ease the burden of energy prices off the backs of Americans. Instead, they are making things worse by pushing green energy that just isn’t ready for primetime yet. Look, even if we could all afford and wanted to switch to electric cars, the resources are mainly controlled by China. Additionally, both major car electric car companies in the US (Tesla and SUVs only Rivian) can’t make the vehicles fast enough to meet the current demand let alone handle the entire country switching over.

Instead, the Biden administration wants you to sell your car, use public transportation, and eat lentils.

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