Armed Father Saves His Family With Gun

Father Saves His Family With Handgun.

Yet again another story comes out that shows the reality and need for a gun. A story the MSM can’t cover if they did it would work against their current anti-gun message. The Liberals for some reason believe arming American citizens is almost criminal as they use kids in an attempt to chip away at the Second Amendment. Thankfully we still have organizations like the NRA who are helping us maintain our right to bear arms.

Kevin Dixie is a father of two, an eleven-year-old son and five-year-old daughter. He loves his family and is thankful that he can still be with them to this day, as he almost lost members of his family. Dixie had made plans to meet up with his wife and kids in the city. While his wife was awaiting his arrival a deranged individual decided to attack. Luckily Dixie was had just about pulled up as he saw the man charge at his family and pull his gun. His wife immediately wrapped her arms around the children attempting to protect them.

This story could have been a tragedy as many Americans don’t believe in guns, or understand the need for them. But Kevin Dixie was not one of those gun haters. He is a reasonable American that knows it takes time for the police to arrive. So he made the smart choice and armed himself for just this occasion. Dixie exited his vehicle and drew his weapon firing on the deranged man who was threatening the lives of his family.

“My training and my legally owned handgun stopped that individual from killing my family,” Dixie stated,

His family is alive and well because of our second amendment.

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Dixie had this to say in response to anti-gun fanatics.

“Are you telling me you don’t want my 11-year-old son and my 5-year-old daughter to be alive today?” he asked.

This is just one of many stories where guns have saved lives. If the father had been one of those anti-gun nuts there is no telling as to what would have happened to his family. This is what Liberal anti-gun nuts are unintentionally doing. They are putting our families lives at risk in the name of some misguided idea of safety.