Tucker Calls Out David Hogg For His Extremist Views.

Tucker Calls Out Hogg On His Extreme Views.

Tucker Carlson like the rest of us is sick of Liberals and the political shield that they have created in the manipulated survivors of the Parkland shooting. The MSM that stands behind Hogg and other students that are spreading the anti-gun narrative running to the kids’ defense first chance they get while the kids jeopardize every American’s rights. Tucker made this all clear in a monologue a few days ago.

Tucker said the following in regards to David Hogg’s Anti-gun views.

“Sell more guns, murder more children, get reelected. That is David Hogg’s view of the other side of the debate.

Emma Gonzalez, meanwhile, another celebrated survivor the shooting basically agrees with that. She recently said in a speech, quote, ‘I don’t really care what people who defend the Second Amendment have to say.’

Let’s take this seriously. We should take it seriously because it’s serious. If you honestly don’t care what the people who disagree with you think if you believe they want to “murder more children,” who are you? Well, you’re angry. You’re definitely not fit to be making policy for the rest of us. You are by definition an extremist. You should not have power if you really believe anyone who disagrees with you is evil and wants to kill the innocent.

Maybe a journalist can point that out but, no, journalists agree with Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg so they’ve slapped them on the cover of TIME magazine and declare that they’re heroes and you’re not allowed to disagree with them…

Wait, you say, ‘Why are you picking on David Hogg? He’s only a kid, he shouldn’t be held to adult standards of reasoning or think critically about the consequences of what he espouses.’ Well, yeah, exactly. He is a kid. He has just been through unspeakable tragedy. And that’s why adults shouldn’t be using him or his friends to push their agendas to the rest of us…

So this is the problem that I have is that if you sincerely believe that people who disagree with you want to kill children, then you shouldn’t be involved in making policy because that’s exactly what we don’t need more of, it seems to me. Why is he being pushed to the front of this movement? …

This kid who saw unspeakable tragedy, he saw his classmates killed. And that’s exactly why he shouldn’t be involved in formulating a response to it. Because he is a kid. So you can’t simultaneously argue that you need to shut up and listen to him and if you don’t you’re bad which is what the left is arguing and that we shouldn’t take what he says seriously or literally. You kind of have to choose one. I’m happy to choose the first one. ”

Watch Tucker Cover Hogg’s Extreme Views Below.

He’s right if the kids are going to enter the political arena and attempt to change laws that affect us all, then they need to understand they are entering the adult realm and will be treated on the same level. This whole “but they are only kids” or “they had a tough go of things” is a crock. If the kids wanted peace or wanted to be left alone they wouldn’t be protesting, They would not be engaging the public and making Anti-gun speeches using their recent tragedy a way to get attention.