Watch: Psaki Can’t Take The Heat, SNAPS & Runs Out Of The Room

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is beginning to have trouble as Biden drives his administration into the depths.

As the daily press conference was coming to an end Psaki was asked about Biden’s rock bottom approval numbers. She then picked up her binder, snapped at the reporter, and stormed out of the room.

She’s running out of lies to peddle about the Biden administration.

Psaki was already having a rough day after the press demanded to know why Biden told Indian Prime Minister Modi not to take questions from the press.

It turns out, Psaki (like her boss) does not deal with criticism well, below in another video she got upset claiming that it was UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson fault Biden looked like a fool.

Below is a video of what occurred, Johnson took questions from the press but when it was time for Biden to take a question the White House threw out the reporters.

The White House is losing the ability to cover for Joe Biden.