Washington Post Humiliated After Trump Jr. Forces Embarrassing Correction

The Washington Post was humiliated after being forced to make a very embarrassing correction.

The mainstream media outlet was upset over the chant “Let’s Go Brandon” that is sweeping the nation. The story complained that “critics [were hurling] increasingly vulgar taunts.”

Remember, these are the same people that celebrated protestors that burned Trump’s effigy and those weird naked Trump suits. The article shows how thinned skinned liberals are, boos, jeers, and insults are nothing new to American presidents.

For example on April 7, 1983 the Washington Post reported that then President Reagan’s motorcade was diverted because of a protest.

From The Washington Post:

President Reagan was confronted today by derisive protests from thousands of laid-off steelworkers as he carried a message of economic hope in the computer age into the nation’s troubled industrial heartland.

A rain-soaked crowd of about 4,000 blue-collar workers, chanting “Reagan, Reagan, he’s no good, send him back to Hollywood” and carrying placards such as “Jobs Not Bombs,” assembled outside the Pittsburgh Hilton, where Reagan delivered a speech on job retraining.

But the president’s limousine was diverted into an underground garage to avoid a direct confrontation with the demonstrators, who booed and jeered as his motorcade approached. Some carried banners of the United Steel Workers union and others held signs, “Feed the Hungry, Not the Pentagon,” and “This is not Reagan country, 17.2 percent unemployed in western Pennsylvania.”

Despite this, the Washington Post is now claiming the anti-Biden chant is “on another level, far more vulgar and widespread.”

That means one thing: The chant must be incredibly effective. If libs want to ban it, that means it’s working. 

Then, the Post made an error, they blamed Trump Jr. for using the phrase at a September rally.

The former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has repeatedly promoted the meme, and the original chant, on his social media feeds. At a speech in Georgia, he took the stage after the crowd had been chanting “USA! USA!” and roared, “There’s a couple other chants I’ve been hearing going around. Have you heard the other one that’s been going around?” The crowd took the cue and broke into cries of “Let’s go Brandon.”

Arthur Schwartz noticed the error and posted that “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant didn’t start until early October during a nationally televised NASCAR race. When Trump Jr. saw the post he immediately demanded a “retraction and a correction.”

The Post did make a correction and it was hilarious.