Gov. Youngkin Reversal Smashes Woke Agenda In Virginia

In 2020, outgoing Democrat Governor Ralph Northam issued guidelines that schools should let students use gender pronouns and allowed teachers to conceal a student’s gender identity form parents, citing “health and safety” purposes.

From PBS:

[Previous] Guidelines said schools should let students use names and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without “any substantiating evidence.” They also said students could participate in programming and access facilities in a manner consistent with their gender identity and urged schools to weigh sharing information about students’ gender identity with parents on a “case-by-case” basis, considering the health and safety of students.

Northam’s guidelines also allowed a trans woman to use the same locker room as biological females.

Governor Youngkin has done a complete reversal smashing the woke agenda.

More from PBS:

The Virginia Department of Education, which were posted online Friday, say students’ participation in certain school programming and use of school facilities like bathrooms or locker rooms should be based on their biological sex, with modifications offered only to the extent required under federal law. The policies also say that students who are minors must be referred to by the name and pronouns in their official records, unless a parent approves the use of something else.

Regarding parental notification, the guidelines say school divisions may not encourage teachers to conceal information about a student’s gender from his or her parents. And they say parents must be given an opportunity to object before counseling services pertaining to gender are offered.

It was policies like Northam’s that led to the girl being raped by a trans female in a Louden County high school and pushed the issue to the forefront of the governor’s race in 2021.

LGBTQ groups are threatening to fight Youngkin; however, it’s a losing battle. Many of the school boards in Virginia never complied with Northam’s rules after watching the debacle occur in Louden County.