ABC News Caught Lying To General Public About Trump Russian Collusion

ABC News Tried To Turn The Public Against Trump This Past Friday.

On Friday Joy Behar was given ‘the news’ during The View television show that they had found proof that Trump was in cahoots with the Russians. ‘The news’ came from ABC News reporter Brian Ross who claimed that:

“Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the Mueller Team and is prepared to testify that as a candidate Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians.”

Of Course, Joy and the rest of the Liberals practically jumped for and cheered. As to be expected from the Pro-Hillary audience that The View attracts.

In response, her co-host said, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it’s beginning to look a lot like collusion.”

Joy Then joked “He goes to jail, he goes to jail, he goes to jail.” Joking about the audience’s happiness about ‘the news.’ She also Parodied Trump’s Lock her up, with “Lock Him up,”

This ‘news’ spread like wildfire so much so that it put doubts in the minds of the American Public and empowered Liberals to sneer at Pro Trump supporters. But it was all a lie. It was Fake News that even affected the stock market. ABC did recant and even put out an apology story that could not be short enough.

The Apology included the news that Brian Ross was suspended for 4 weeks for the faulty news he put out. Suspended when he should have been fired for not only slandering our President but misleading the American People and hurting our economy.

The whole Ross story was a twist on the Truth. Trump was already President-Elect when he reached out to the Russians and other countries as is customary when you are in the process of becoming The President of The United States. Ross just lied about the Time Frame trying to push his Anti-Trump Bias. At least this time the Left Biased News Network fessed up to the fake news even if took them a while to accept that it was a serious slanderous lie.

Watch Alex Jones Reveal The Truth Below.

ABC Lying To America Below

As Reported By Oliver Darcy, CNN

Shortly after that (ABC Admitted they put out fake news), President Trump weighed in, tweeting his “congratulations” to ABC News for suspending Ross.

Multiple ABC News employees, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t publicly authorized to discuss the matter, told CNNMoney on Saturday there was internal embarrassment over the blunder.

“It’s a major embarrassment,” one ABC News employee said.

“It makes me cringe,” echoed another. “This is not what any networks need when people are so quick to say ‘fake news’ to you. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

This is not the first high-profile mistake by Ross. In a 2012 piece for which he apologized, he suggested that the Aurora shooter may have had a connection to the Tea Party.