Whoa: Machete Killer Reportedly Spoke Of Demons Before The Attack [Video]

Machete Murderer Chilling Words Before The Attack.

Maui man proves you don’t need a gun to commit murder. Kumulipo Sylva, a Hawwian resident, reportedly entered a public bus and started an altercation with another passenger.

He later followed the passenger and his friend off of the bus to a local mall where he attacked and brutally murdered the man in the mall bathroom. The killer’s words are extremely unsettling. Here is more on this story.


As Reported By SNEJANA FARBEROV with The Daily Mail:

A 23-year-old man from Hawaii has been arrested on a murder charge after police say he cut a stranger’s throat with a machete, killing him, inside a Macy’s bathroom at a Maui mall because he believed the victim was a ‘demon.’

Kumulipo Sylva, 23, from Kahului, was apprehended at Kahului Community Park on Sunday afternoon, a short time after he allegedly killed 35-year-old Eduardo Alejandro Cerezo at the nearby Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center in front of witnesses.

Cerezo, of Makawao, was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. Sylva was later charged with first-degree murder and was ordered held on $500,000 bail.

According to court documents, Sylva and Cerezo did not know each other until they had a tense encounter on a Maui Bus No 40 at around 2pm on Sunday…

KHON spoke with the victim’s friend. “Cerezo got upset and taunted Sylva the entire bus ride” before getting off with a friend at the mall.

The friend told police, “Sylva challenged Cerezo to a fight at which time Cerezo declined, and walked away.” Sylva allegedly followed them into a restroom with a black machete in his hand, said, “I was sent to end you,” and swung the machete at his victim.

Is Sylva responsible for other murders, as his comments suggest? Police are still investigating the killers motive.