What’s Going On With Nancy Pelosi’s Face At This News Conference?

During her weekly news conference, Nancy Pelosi appears to go into full meltdown mode. Her face shifts in some pretty unnatural ways and the House Majority Leader mixes her facts, completely. While we have no idea if there is something wrong with Nancy medically, the points in her speech in which her face contorts are very suspicious.

“What an event-filled morning has been,” Pelosi fumbles out, destroying her opening line. It was literally a downhill run from there. It’s almost painful to watch her struggle through the conference.

Nancy in no noob to the world of public speaking, so what gives? It could be the latest scandal to rock the Democratic party is throwing her off her game.

In recent news, Clinton, as well as the DOJ, was outed for their funding of the Fusion GPS Russia collusion campaign against Trump. Before the big reveal, Democrats were vocal in denying their involvement in the investigation on Trump but grown silent since the truth came out.

All but Hillary, of course, who dismisses the treason as ‘standard opposition research’, which sounds a little like Watergate. Strangely Enough, after Clinton’s omission, Liberals are trying to distance themselves from Hillary.

Nancy can be seen in the video below showing obvious signs of distress, no matter what the cause. She mumbles off jumbled words, doesn’t seem to know the difference between millions and billions, and in addition to her twitches does this crazy weird thing with her face at the end. You’ll just have to see it, crazy.

Watch This Video And Tell Us What You Think Is Happening?

As reported by Kyle Olsen with The American Mirror.

Answering a reporter’s question, she started by uttering gibberish, before recovering and saying, “We’re here for the American people…”

Seconds later, she said, “Education being essential. Education, by the way, being any money being spent on education that—” she said before stopping and staring at reporters, and continuing.

Pelosi suffered another facial spasm when she attempted to say “declaring an emergency.”

Suffering an apparent brain freeze, Pelosi said, “House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans and the White House, as to uh— what— when that will happen,” blurting it out.

Moments later, she struggled to say “continuing.”

“It has to happen soon so that we can have it done, uh, by the um— the end of the— con— ca— uh, the continuing resolution,” she finally said.

Is it any wonder more Democrats are calling for new leadership?