What This Charter School Did To Unvaxxed Kids Is Inexcusable…

While our government continues to acknowledge the fact that the vaccine is not as effective they oversell it in media all around the world. The number of cases of hospitalizations and deaths linked to vaccinated people continues to grow.

There will always be hidden agenda behind all these unconstitutional vaccine mandates. And now, anyone who goes against it will be in huge trouble as we live under an authoritarian government.

Just because they refuse to take the vaccines, they will be abused…

And the latest victims of this abuse, are the unvaccinated students of the New West Charter LA.

This inhumane abuse of our little girls because they are unvaccinated is revolting. In fact, they were denied chairs, forced to sit outside on the pavement behind warning tape, and were not allowed to use the school’s restrooms?

One of the little girls have described the abusive experience from the school:

“I’m a student at New West Charter School and I’m here with five other girls. Four of them are freshmen, one is a junior and I’m a sophomore. And we are being threatened to be suspended because we don’t have the COVID 19 vaccine. And we’re being refused of the right to attend school… And we’re being closed off by this caution tape thing. We’re being segregated from the rest of the school.”

Watch the video below:

If this incident occurs in Charter schools, I wonder how bad it could be in Highschools or colleges?

Biden’s America is getting worse!

Meanwhile, more and more shreds of evidence that these research vaccines should not be imposed as mandatory, instead it should be voluntary. Even a top doctor, Peter A. McCullough has criticized the government’s overreaction to the vaccines as is a cure but in reality, it’s not helping at all.

The Doctor quoted, “The vaccines should be pulled off the market, they clearly are not solving the problem.”

Source: The Gateway Pundit