Watch: The Real Secrets To Trump’s Success Exposed By A Former White House Insider.

Former White House Aide, Sebastian Gorka, exposes the real secrets to President Trump’s success. The liberal media doesn’t understand how the ‘Trump phenomena’ really works so they’ll slight the President in their ignorance. After all, they only understand politicians and Trump is not a politician! It is that ignorance that really gives Trump his advantage. There is so much more to it. This was an amazing and informative interview conducted by the Daily Single and we think you’ll love it.


As Written By Rob Bluey with Daily Signal.

Rob Bluey: “You’ve given a series of speeches to Heritage audiences now in three locations. What’s your message to them? What are you talking to them about?”

Gorka: There’s one initial message I like to give everywhere, and it’s a very simple one that I give it to all conservative audiences. And it’s, “Relax, it’s OK.” Count to 10, take a deep breath, don’t worry.Why do I say that? Because of the reactions I saw when my old boss Steve Bannon resigned. A lot of people were very worried about what happens to the so-called Trump agenda. And then when I resigned a week later, then even more people were worried about what’s going to happen to the platform that got this man elected on Nov. 8.So I try to tell them a very simple messages: It’s not about where I sit or Steve sits and it’s not even about President Trump. It’s about what you voted for on Nov. 8 and making sure that it’s the long game.So be calm, it’s OK. It’s about eight years of President Trump and then eight years of President Pence. That’s my first message. And then, of course, we talk about concrete national security issues.

Bluey: “And why do you have that confidence? Because there are those skeptics out there who worry that with a departure of you and with the departure of Bannon and others that there might be other forces at play in the White House. What makes you so confident about President Trump?”

Gorka: Two things: No. 1, we’ve never had a politician like—well, he’s not a politician—we’ve never had a president like this in the modern age. In fact, it bears remembering that this is the first-ever president in U.S. history who’s never had prior political position and/or never served as a general in our armed forces…

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