Watch: Liberal Bullhorn, MSNBC, Used NYC Terrorist Attack To Push This Narrative.

MSNBC, as well as most mainstream media networks, are known to take advantage of American tragedies, giving more sympathy to those abroad rather than their own fellow Americans. They’re particularly adept at using terrorist attacks to advocate for their liberal overlords. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that MSNBC did just that after Monday’s attack. The recent terrorist attack on New Your City caused fear and mayhem as well as injuries to at least four bystanders. Do they care? Not even a little.

Rather than talk about the importance of securing American borders or the good work Trump has done achieving the travel ban, to known terrorist countries, the host and her guest take a strange turn on the subject. Their conversation warps and shifts from the attack to gun control, the travel ban being racist, and to top it all off the host makes a childish play on the President’s name. Take a look.



As Written By Nicholas Fondacaro with News Busters:

The person responsible for kicking off the gun discussion was former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton. After commenting on how few terror attacks have hit the U.S. since 9/11 (missing a few as he rattled them off), he opined:

“We will continue to prevent a lot of them. But the reality is they’re going to keep coming. And whether they’ve inspired, enabled or directed. But the sad reality in our country also is we’re sitting here talking right now, no loss of life here this morning, tremendous disruption. But someplace in America today, some nut with a gun is going to go out and kill three or four people. Every day we have a mass shooting in this country.”

“This is such a good point,” host Stephanie Ruhle praised. She was quickly cut off by anti-Trump Republican, MSNBC political analyst, and New York Times columnist Bret Stephens who was worried about the attack’s effect on immigration. “I suspect someone is, you can guess, is going to want to turn this into an immigration story. This is not a story about lax immigration rules,” he said. “Does that someone’s name rhyme with shmump,” Ruhle childishly asked.

Stephens went on to complain that Trump’s view of terrorism was harming the way law enforcement thwarted terrorism because it damaged community relations.