Obama Liberals Have Sunk To A New Low With The “War Of Defamation Against Roy Moore.”

Roy Moore Under Attack From Obama Liberals And Thier Dark Money.

Roy Moore has been under attack for practically this whole campaign from the Liberal mudslinging and the politically motivated accusations of sexual misconduct, it has been a tough road for Moore. New evidence has been uncovered that shows Roy Moore is up against more than just Doug Jones and the Liberal Media.

He is up against George Soros and Chuck Schumer. The two indirectly sent millions of dollars to his adversary, Doug Jones in efforts to stop what should be Moore’s inevitable victory. The thing about this financial support is that it was all done through dark money to stop people from knowing who is funding these campaigns.

The organization that is throwing money at the Doug Jones campaign is none other than Highway 31. Highway 31 is an Alabama Organization that is compromised of Alabama residents who are “committed to electing Doug Jones to the U.S. Senate.”

“Highway 31, which has dropped more than $4.1 million in support of Jones and against Roy Moore ahead of Tuesday’s Senate special election, is a joint project of two of the largest national Democratic super PACs — Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action — along with a group of Alabama Democrats, multiple senior officials familiar with the arrangement told POLITICO.”

Highway 31 has only been in existence for a little more than a month and is just tool to funnel money directly to the Doug Jones campaign.

The money they are spending is coming from all sorts of Leftists. The list includes more than just Soros and The Senate Minority Leader Schumer. The funds are also coming from “Jim Simons, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner.” All through their donations to the SuperPacs that they are donating to.

Watch The News Reel Below

Highway 31 was evasive when asked if it had ties to big contributors but as you can see this anything but a normal election as Liberals everywhere are pushing to put Doug Jones in no matter the cost.  Money is changing hands so fast it is hard to keep track of where it is all coming from. But one thing is clear Leftists have shown that they are afraid of Roy Moore and are skirting the lines of the law to try to stop him.

“They don’t want somebody up there with an Independent Mind. Somebody that will do what they believe is right under the constitution and won’t follow along..and that’s why they don’t want me in.” -Roy Moore