WATCH: Joe Is So Senile He Attacked His Own Administration Then His Brain Breaks Explaining Economics

Joe Biden is so senile he started attacking his own administration.

The president actually did one of the greatest self owns of all time.

While delivering a speech about his infrastructure bill and complaining about the economy Biden asked, “Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?”

The speech was a disaster, Biden went from complaining about his own economy to blaming Americans for the supply chain crises. Multiple excerpts from this speech are going to end up as midterm political ads against Democrats.

Biden claimed that his Build Back Better bill that includes $2.2 trillion in new taxes “is not going to raise taxes.”

Meet the new “read my lips no new taxes.”

Biden said Americans are causing the supply chain crises, claiming we are buying online too much. Americans not able to get auto parts to fix their vehicles has nothing to do with going out to eat. Many are not going out to eat in blue areas because they don’t feel like having to show their papers to get a bite to eat. Many can’t afford the extra expense to eat out because of Bideninflation and soaring gas prices.

Presented without comment, Biden tries to explain economics:

The man is a total disaster.