ISIS Sucide Bomber’s Pre-Christmas Terror Attack On Christian Church [Video]

It has become somewhat of an ISIS tradition to target Christian churches in Pakistan before or on Christmas.

Luckily, the church shown below was prepared for such an attack and had already barred their gates. Police were prepared as well, standing outside the gates. It’s a good thing too because police were able to take one of the joint-suicide bombers out before he could detonate.

Sadly, however, the other ISIS bomber did detonate killing several people and wounding 3 dozen more. Though this news is grim, if not for the actions of those officers the death toll would have been catastrophic. There were over 400 people in the church that day, enjoying Sunday services.

Areas and extremists like these are exactly why we support President Trump’s travel ban. It may not seem like the most politically correct ban in history, to some, but it has become a necessity in today’s world. A world where we can not afford to be politically correct at the cost of American lives. At some point, you just have to put America first, and this is why.


CCTV footage has captured two armed militants on camera as they attempted to break into a Christian church in Quetta in south-west Pakistan.

At least nine people were killed and up to 56 others were wounded in a joint suicide bomb and gun attack on Sunday.

Police guards stationed at the church entrance killed one bomber but a second managed to detonate his explosives-filled vest. Two other attackers fled the scene according to reports.

The church at the time had been packed with around 400 worshippers. Had the men got any further the death toll could have been far higher.

The self-styled Islamic State group has claimed the attack via its Amaq news agency in an online statement.

Later a vigil for the dead turned into a protest. Christian places of worship in the region which borders Iran and Afghanistan are often targeted by Islamist extremists over the Christmas season.