Watch: Jill Biden Jumps In From Out Of Nowhere To Stop Joe From Speaking With Reporters

Joe Biden recently washed his hands of the coronavirus claiming that there is nothing else he can do as his COVID policies continue to crumble.

The Administration doesn’t want Biden anywhere near the press so when Joe turned around to answer a question Jill flew in out of nowhere to shut it down.

On New Years’ Eve Biden was asked by a reporter for a comment about the passing of Betty White.

Joe turned around and said, “That’s a shame, she was a lovely lady.”

Biden was about to continue but then Jill jumped in and cut him off.

“We just loved Betty White. We’re so sad at her death, 99 years old,” she said interrupting Joe and holding his arm. “My mother would say: ‘God Love her.’ Incredible.”

The video below fades away however additional clips posted on Gettr of the incident show Jill Biden quickly ushering Joe away from the press.

(As soon as Gettr develops a share feature for websites will be sharing posts.)

Jill doesn’t want Joe to talk with the press because his COVID policies are failing everywhere.

The White House Press Core (that is fully vaccinated) announced that they will go back to their pre-vaccine 2020 policy and only allow 14 reporters in the briefing room at a time.

The vaccinated and boosted Defense Secretary also just announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, we continue the definition of insanity because of Joe Biden’s broken administration.