Pelosi COVER UP: Truth Trickles Out Why Both Sergeant At Arms Resigned After 1/6

Pelosi is using the 1/6 commission not just as a witch hunt but as a way to rewrite history so she doesn’t get left holding the bag.

Shortly after the unrest on 1/6 the Capitol Police chief, Steve Sund, and both Sergeant At Arms resigned and reports show it was to protect Pelosi.

Before the event, Sund attempted to get extra security but was undermined by Pelosi.

In an interview immediately following the incident Sund told the Washington Post that he wanted extra security and asked the House and Senate security officials for permission to keep the National Guard on standby. We also know that President Trump informed security officials he would have the National Guard ready if needed however the request and offer were denied.

House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving said he wasn’t “comfortable” with having National Guard on the ready before the rally. Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger told Sund to use his contacts inside the National Guard to have them at the ready.

It was Irving who reported directly to Pelosi and fled DC immediately after the unrest according to the Washington Post and he isn’t talking.

Mayor Muriel Bowser also refused to help the Capitol Police because she didn’t like the optics of treating Trump supporters differently than BLM supporters (so she says).

It was the Sergeant At Arms who reports to Pelosi that was told not to have the manpower ready to handle the large crowd. It’s no wonder they resigned and have disappeared into the sunset.

Republicans should get the Sergeant At Arms under oath and ask them what Pelosi ordered them to do.

Pelosi is using the 1/6 commission to probe Republicans and (at a minimum) cover up the fact that she was the catalyst behind the security blunder. When Republicans take the House both Sergeant At Arms and Pelosi should be investigated.

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