Watch: Jill Biden Boo’d On Stage, ‘You’re Booing Yourselves!’

First Lady Jill Biden went to a vaccine site location at the Ole Smokey distillery in Nashville, Tennessee with country music star Brad Paisley. When it was her turn to speak Biden lectured the audience because the state had poor vaccination rates and the crowd didn’t respond kindly.

The first lady laughed when she declared Tennessee “still has a way to go” lecturing the audience. At the time of the speech 3 in 10 Tennesseans were vaccinated which caused audience members to boo her.

“Well, you’re booing yourselves,” she said in spite.

Biden also told Tennesseans that if they want a normal life they must be vaccinated.

“You know what the vaccines mean for your family and your friends and your neighbors,” she said.

“You know they are saving lives. You know the vaccines are the only way to get back to the open mics and the music festivals and the concerts that make this town so very special.”

There was a large audience at the distillery however only about a dozen people got vaccinated because most were there to see Brad Paisley.

Americans no longer approve of how Biden is handling the pandemic.

“To the extent that he had any kind of warm feelings or optimism in relation to his presidency or benefit of the doubt, perhaps, that people might have been wanting to give to him, that’s gone now,” said David Barker, the director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University.

In just a few months Biden’s approval of how he’s handled the pandemic has dropped almost 20 points. In June, Biden had around a 62% approval, which has plummeted to under 50% depending on the poll. What’s worse is the administrations numbers aren’t rebounding they are getting falling.

It turns out Americans don’t like mandates and they certainly don’t like being lectured by Jill Biden.