Watch: Crazy Joe Is Back, Starts Retelling Debunked Stories Again

Crazy Joe is back telling debunked stories again.

During a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Joe Biden wanted to show off. The president retold a debunked story about his career.

“I got to tell you a quick story that has nothing to do with anything,” Biden said.

First Biden started telling Johnson how tough he was taking Amtrak when he was Vice President and ignoring the advice of the Secret Service.

“The Secret Service didn’t like me traveling on Amtrak because there were too many options for people to cause trouble along the way. But I insisted I do it.”

“One day,” Biden continued, “they put in the newspaper: ‘Biden travels 1 million …’ — and I think — don’t hold me to the exact number — I think it was — ‘ … 350,000 miles on Air Force Two.”

When Biden went to get the train home to Delaware that Friday, he continued, he was greeted by “a guy, who was the number three guy from New Jersey in seniority as a conductor, [who] walked up and grabbed me and he goes like this: ‘Joey, baby!’ [and] grabs my cheek. I thought the Secret Service was going to shoot him.”

“He said, ‘Joey, big deal. 1.3 million miles on Amtrak’ — I mean, on Air Force Two,” the president continued. “‘Do you know how many miles you traveled on Amtrak?’ And I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘Well, at the retirement dinner, we worked it out.’ He said, ’36 years in the Senate; X number of years as …’ — at that point — ‘ … as vice president; average 131 days a year, 257 miles a day. Joey, you traveled over 2 million miles. Big deal.’”

Biden told the exact same story in May during the 50th anniversary of Amtrak and it was debunked, none of the facts Biden gives lines up.

Even the mainstream media fact checkers debunked the story.

The senior conductor that Biden is referring is Angelo Negri, he passed away at age 83 in May of 2014, he was a conductor for 21 years. Biden didn’t claim to surpass the 1.3 million miles mark until September 2016. Biden had met Negri on two occasions however, the story Biden told is not true.

It’s just senile grandpa Joe telling his stories again.

New York Post