Watch: CNN’s Dana Bash Roasted After Virginia’s New Lt. Gov Winsome Sears Put’s Her In Her Place, ‘No, No, No It Is…

CNN’s Dana Bash didn’t know what hit her during an interview with Virginia’s new Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears.

The liberal CNN host was outmuscled by Sears during an interview during a discussion about CRT. Sears busted Bash’s fake news report that CRT was not part of Virginia’s public school system. Sears corrected Bash and gave proof that CRT was woven into the Virginia public schools system in 2015.

After the verbal beat down Bash was speechless and conceded that McAuliffe did slip CRT into the Virginia public schools system.

Bash also tried to goad Sears into disclosing her vaccination status which she refused.

“As I said, America, if it’s nothing else, it’s about liberty. It’s about being able to live your life free from the government telling you what to do,” the former Marine said.

“And so we understand this, this thing about slippery slopes. The minute that I start telling you about my vaccine status, we’re gonna be down the bottom of the mountain trying to figure out how we got there because now you want to know what’s in my DNA, you’re gonna want to know this, that and the other,” she added.

“Let’s say you get the vaccine, go ahead and get the vaccine, if that’s what you want to do, get the vaccine. Don’t force it on anybody else,” she said.

Bash didn’t even have guts to publicly recognize that Sears, a former Marine and conservative christian was the first black female to win a statewide election in Virginia.

Sears hasn’t taken office yet but already has a reputation for taking down liberal trolls. The day after her historic election victory she blasted woke activists Jemele Hill.

Hill wrote during the Virginia election returns that America “simply loves white supremacy.”

Sears used just four words, “We beg to differ.”