Watch: Biden Gaffe Is So Bad White House Staff Just Shake Their Heads


During a Biden address he messed up so bad it probably had the staff at the White House just shaking their heads.

While addressing the media Biden read the grammar prompts on the teleprompter and actually said out loud, “end quote.”

Biden laughably said the economy is fine and there is “a lot we can be proud of.”

This is coming from a guy that doesn’t have to pay for his own groceries.

Biden also blamed oil companies for the high gas prices but, it was him that once again made us dependent on foreign oil.

After making his audacious claims Biden then ran from the press.

The Biden administration is so incompetent that the Energy Secretary doesn’t know how many barrel of oil the United States uses in a signal day.

Keep in mind this was the same person that not long ago laughed about gas prices.

The entire administration is tone deaf as well. Gas prices are through the roof, grocery stores ran out of turkey, inflation is higher than ever and Biden goes off to Nantucket with the elite.