VIDEO: MTG Explains The Real Reason Nancy Kicked Her Off Committees, ‘Pelosi Was A Little Upset Because…

Rep, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a firecracker and does not back down.

During a rally in Connecticut she revealed why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kicked her off committees.

“You see when they kicked me off of committees? No, no, that was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. So committees are worthless right now they’re controlled by Democrats,” MTG said. “I don’t care what Republicans think. So Nancy Pelosi was a little upset because I had made a nice little comment in my victory speech when I won and I said, ‘I’m going to kick that b**ch out of Congress.’ I really think that’s why she kicked me off committees.”

The rally in Connecticut was attended by more than 3,000 people and Greene floated that she is going to try an impeach Biden when Republicans control the House. Greene also encourage attendees to get involved in local government and promote change in their communities.

MTG isn’t just going after Biden, she’s keeping the pressure on Fauci and has launched a petition to hold him accountable.

“I’m starting a discharge petition of my #FireFauci Act,” she wrote. “Holding government accountable for lies, deceit, corruption, and deaths of millions of people should be a priority and reason for every Member of Congress to sign my discharge petition. What does the NIH have to hide?”