VIDEO: Disney Loses Their Minds, Goes Full Blown Dem Conspiracy Theory Crazy After Backlash From Parents

Disney clearly doesn’t get it and that was more than apparent after they did two things. First, they appeared with Brian Stelter who is a laughing stock and “yes man” for the regime. Second, Abigal Disney went full blow Democrat conspiracy theory trying to explain the backlash from the public after videos were leaked exposing the company’s agenda to indoctrinate kids.

Even far-left liberals like Reverand Al Sharpton are criticizing “limousine liberals” like Abigal Disney who “don’t live in the real world.”

“These beltway elitists, these limousine liberals here in New York, don’t live in the real world,” Al Sharpton said in response to the current state of the Democrat party.

“These GOP media stars can claim they are just protecting kids but they are also demonizing gay teachers and condemning inclusive Disney shows,” Stelter said claiming that Disney criticism is just “a midterm campaign strategy for the GOP.”

Then Stelter asked Disney, “how do you feel when you see it [Disney] portrayed as this child abuse indoctrination cult?”

“Well, what I’m seeing happen is a pretty coordinated strategic plan unfolding and Disney seems like the biggest target because it’s so woven into families,” Disney said. “And so if you can create this idea that somebody is in there trying to indoctrinate your child, my goodness, the paranoid imagination can run circles with that. Yeah, and so I understand why it’s been selected in this strategic — whatever strategic meeting they had for what they would turn to next. But this is absurd. The thing that Disney stands for more than anything in every film and especially in the animation where there is a gay character or not is love and acceptance and family and joy. And so they’re trying to inject something into what Disney does that has nothing to do with what Disney does.”

Disney is making a grave mistake trying to pass this off as a simple midterm strategy and claiming this is a right-wing conspiracy.

Then Abigal Disney went full-blown conspiracy theory claiming Republicans want to wipe out the word gay.

“Whether or not there are gay characters and I keep wondering what is their theory of change exactly because if you were to erase every reference to gayness and gay people from the planet, which is sort of what the don’t say gay bill feels like, will children not become gay? Do they need to be recruited and groomed or are people just gay? And I think that that’s a hard question they need to ask themselves because if you go back through history there have been gay people whether or not the word was ever spoken. So this is kind of a — it’s an ineffective way of going about what they want. It’s an attempt to push history backwards and it denies the fact that everyone conservative or not has a gay friend or a transgender family member. We’re all in it together now and I think it’s all of our fight.”

This is what happens when you get high on your own supply, people like Disney never leave their bubble and they don’t have a clue what is going on in the real world.

Disney is not too big to fail and if they keep it up they are going to go down as fast as the Biden Administration.