The INSANE New Plan To ‘GET RID OF’ Trump Reveal [Video]

Just as the liberal dust settles over the new book ‘fire and fury’ mainstream media finds a new angle to take with their ‘Trump problem’.

It seems that by now even liberals have to see this ‘get Trump’ movement as a fishing expedition, right? Wrong. After months of unsuccessfully pushing fake collusion and countless bogus scandals, the new tune is ‘ Trump is crazy’. To be fair, we’ve heard it before but a new book hit the market detailing 27 ‘professional’ opinions on why this statement is true.

As laughable as this whole thing is this is bound to be the new shield in which the liberal hoards push their agenda while those ‘professionals’ profit off of their blind hate. We found this piece by Carl Cannon with Real Clear Politics both comical and informative. Take a look.


As Reported By Carl M. Cannon With Real Clear Politics.

A new book arrived, unsolicited, in the mail recently with a long title: “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” The cover gives the game away, but the publisher also included a foreword from 91-year-old psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, who offers the melodramatic view that clinicians who don’t warn the world about Donald Trump’s shortcomings are akin to Nazi doctors who worked at Auschwitz. At the risk of practicing medicine without a license, I’d suggest that this historical comparison is de facto evidence of TDS — and paranoid grandiosity.

A better title would have been “27 Angry Democrats With Advanced Degrees Who Voted Against Trump and Say He’s Crazy Although They’ve Never Met Him.” Lifton and others associated with this project are part of something called the “Duty to Warn” project. The word “duty” is a term of art, given that since 1973, the American Psychiatric Association had cautioned its members against diagnosing patients they’ve not personally evaluated. Although this seems like common sense, it’s more than that: It’s a hard-earned lesson. It’s called the “Goldwater Rule,”….

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