Pope Accused of Heresy

Pope Criticized For “Radical” Turn the other Cheek Views.

Pope Francis is being accused of Heresy by some of his peers. In his Recent Book “The Joy of love,” he expressed the view that Divorced/remarried people can receive communion. The currently accepted practices do not allow this unless the people in question have had proper church backed Annulments. Annulments simply put are the Church’s way of forgiving a marriage. Traditionally, People who get divorced are allowed to attend Mass but can not fully Participate after they have broken the contract of marriage with God. So far 62 Catholic Theologians, Clergyman, and Affiliates have accused the Pope of Heresy in a 25-page letter. The Pope has yet to respond to these accusations or the letter.



As Reported By Fox News

When it was released in April 2016, “The Joy of Love” immediately sparked controversy. Church teaching holds that unless divorced and civilly remarried Catholics obtain an annulment — a church decree that their first marriage was invalid — they cannot receive the sacraments, since they are seen as committing adultery.

“The Joy of Love” didn’t create a church-wide pass for these Catholics, but suggested — in vague terms and strategically placed footnotes — that bishops and priests could do so on a case-by-case basis after accompanying them on a spiritual journey of discernment. Subsequent comments and writings have made clear he intended such wiggle room, part of his belief that God’s mercy extends in particular to sinners and that the Eucharist isn’t a prize for the perfect but nourishment for the weak.

Shaw said none of the four cardinals involved in the initial “dubbia” letter, nor any other cardinal, was involved in the “filial correction.”

Organizers said the last time such a correction was issued was to Pope John XXII in 1333 for errors which he later recanted.