Trump Jr. Launches New Group That Already Has Joe Biden Scrambling

Donald Trump Jr. is tired of President Joe Biden trying to infringe on the constitutional rights of the American people and has launched a new group to take him head-on.

“The Second Amendment Task Force is the first advocacy group that Trump has launched and been directly involved with,” the Dailywire reported. “The group plans to make a push in the upcoming midterm elections this year, especially in the voter registration sphere.”

“We’re seeing record numbers of people — minorities, women, people from all walks of life — lawfully arming themselves, especially in Democrat-controlled cities where violence and crime is out of control,” Trump Jr. said. “We’ve got to make sure every American citizen maintains their God-given, constitutionally protected right to defend themselves and their family. That’s what the Second Amendment Task Force is all about.”

Trump Jr. is going to serve as the chairman of the Second Amendment Task Force.

“Unfortunately, the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress are hellbent on eroding our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, whether it’s nominating radical gun-grabbers to senior positions in the executive branch or pushing anti-gun legislation,” Trump Jr. added. “The Second Amendment Task Force is entirely devoted to ensuring the Left is never successful in disarming American citizens.”

“The idea for the group came from our successful effort to stop a radical anti-gun lobbyist from becoming the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF),” Trump Jr. said in reference to David Chipman. “We had to make sure that the American people knew what was going on, especially with Red State Democrats. If they’re considering casting an anti-Second Amendment vote, we’re going to make sure they feel the pain. This new group will help us put more structure and resources around those efforts to make sure we’re as successful as we can be.”

Trump Jr. was instrumental in rallying grassroots organizations to successfully lobby against Chipman forcing the Biden administration to withdraw his nomination.