Trump Is About To Make The Crooked NY Atty General Pay!

Now it’s payback time, this crooked New York Attorney General thinks she’s beyond the law.

In his official Instagram account, Eric Trump Jr. announced yesterday that their legal team had filed a brief in the Supreme Court of New York outlining the illegal and blatantly unethical behavior of Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York.

On Tuesday, Former President Donald Trump accused Attorney General Letitia James of targeting him for “selective prosecution” to boost her political career — and urged a judge to quash subpoenas for testimony from him and two of his kids.

The New York Post further explained:

In a 38-page Manhattan Supreme Court filing, Trump’s lawyers cite a litany of public remarks in which James “improperly and repeatedly threatened investigation and prosecution of former President Trump and his family as a campaign promise to garner votes, money, and support, and now, as Attorney General, to gain political support.”

The examples highlighted in the legal brief include a Sept. 28, 2018, campaign video in which James — now running for re-election — said she believed that Trump had “engaged in a pattern and practice of money laundering” and “can be indicted for criminal offenses.”

“When Ms. James made this speech, she had no evidence that Donald Trump was engaged in any criminal activity,” according to court papers.

Screenshot of Eric Trump Jr. Instagram post

Here’s the exact context of Eric Trump Jr. announcement on Instagram:

Minutes ago, our legal team filed a brief in the Supreme Court of New York outlining the illegal and blatantly unethical behavior of Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York.

This is a “small” compilation of her venomous hatred for Donald Trump, his family and his company – there are 81 more pages of tweets, Facebook posts, campaign statements and fundraising solicitations (some as recent as last week) that accompany these videos in our lawsuit. It prosecutorial misconduct, it’s unethical and it’s illegal – and fortunately, her words are all captured on tape and in writing for the judge and the world, to see.

New York State has been through hell because of an absolute failure of our elected officials. Last week, an 11 month old girl was shot in the face and two brave law enforcement officers were executed on New York City streets. Crime is absolutely rampant, homelessness is through the roof, and 1.9% of New Yorkers have fled the state in the last 12 months (over 352,000 people) – yet the New York AG’s focus remains on getting Trump, the leader of the Republican Party, and will dedicate her entire office to do so. Everyone sees it – Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, CNN… even people who are no fans, fully understand what she is doing. Letitica is no longer working as the Attorney General, she is working for the DNC and using the resources of the State of New York to further her own political ambition with her primary a few short months away.

So many people have lost faith in our legal system and it is because of people and actions like this. She has tainted her office, embarrassed the system and office, and failed New York – if forced to do so, we will take these words to the highest courts in the land.

For now, I hope she gets back to work and fixes the disaster that she has helped create. New York is imploding and unfortunately, her office will be dedicated to answering this. What a shame…

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