WHOA: Joe Rogan Just Gained An Unexpected Ally In The Fight For Free Speech

In case you have been living under a rock lately, the social media battle lines have been drawn as people are arguing over the Spotify Joe Rogan situation.

In one corner, the washed-up hippie rockers are pulling their music from the popular music streaming app since they are disgusted that conservative podcast speaker, Joe Rogan is allowed to speak freely.

In the opposing corner, is Joe Rogan who has gained popularity over the years for being a strong voice in the conservative movement against the liberal agenda.

Neil Young, was the first to start the war earlier last week when he stated that he would pull his music from the app if Joe Rogan was not removed.

Why was Young so pissed off?

Well, Young claims that Rogan is spreading misinformation about the COVID virus and that needs to stop.

The huge brawl began when Joe Rogan invited the well-respected Dr. Malone to discuss an alternate point of view for COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Way to go, Young!

The so-called “freedom rocker” now stands with Big Pharma and the government.

Young went from sticking it to the man, to taking it from the man.

Rogan attempted to smooth over the debacle by offering to host a more “balanced” debate on his show from now on.

Of course, that was not good enough for the rabid liberals who are still waving their firey pitchforks demanding Rogan’s head on a platter.

Though there is good news that has popped up and it is just as “solid as a rock”.

Yes, that was a lame dad joke.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has publically shown his support for Rogan.

Bizpacreview reported that after Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and guitarist Nils Lofgren yanked their music from Spotify last week, Rogan posted a ten-minute video on Instagram in response to his critics, garnering a comment from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that has gained a lot of attention.


“Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Will Cain joined “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday and praised Johnson for voicing his support at a time when mainstream culture seems willing to accept censorship.

“It’s the pop culture, acceptable thing right now to call for misinformation,” Cain said. “I was driving around in Dallas the other day listening to what used to be one of my favorite sports radio stations — a host who could have been canceled any of a thousand times over the last 20 years — openly say, ‘Well, you have a responsibility when you’re talking about public health’ and call for censorship. I was appalled, but I think that ultimately those sports radio hosts were sheep because mainstream, acceptable culture right now seems to be accepting censorship.”

“So here’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson swimming the other way, swimming upstream and saying he supports Joe Rogan,” Cain continued. “I find that very encouraging. Most notably because I think it is rare. Unfortunately, I think it’s pretty rare today to be, as you described me, so gratuitously and accurately I might say, as a free speech proponent. Who in the United States of America now truly stands for free speech?”


Well, I will say this much, in this day and age it’s pretty “ballsy” for someone famous to come out and support free speech – as sad as that is to say – but that’s where we’re at right now in this crazy country.