Elon Rattles The Ruling Class, Outs CNN & Those Behind Left Wing Scheme

The regime is not happy that billionaire Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter and now they are really mad because they’ve been exposed.

On May 3, 2022, CNN released a report that multiple advocacy groups are demanding that corporations boycott Twitter over the Musk purchase. Think of this letter as the hundred or so foreign policy security experts that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story of a Russian ruse. CNN also used a term that has become very suspicious in their reports, “first reported by CNN.”

That phrase has had a habit of showing up during former President Trump’s impeachments and the 1/6 commission. When that phrase is mentioned it usually means the Democrats directly handed the material to CNN for distribution.

From CNN:

Some of the nation’s biggest brands including Coca-Cola (CCEP), Disney (DIS) and Kraft (KHC) are facing calls to boycott Twitter if the company’s soon-to-be owner, billionaire Elon Musk, rolls back content moderation policies limiting hate speech and election misinformation.

In a letter sent to brands Tuesday ahead of the 2022 NewFronts digital advertising conference, more than two dozen civil society groups said marketers should secure commitments from Twitter to retain its most critical policies, including on civic integrity and hateful conduct, and threaten to withdraw funding if Twitter does not comply.


This is the exact smear campaign we saw in October 2020.

Instead of it being a hundred former security analyses it was 26 on-government organizations and advocacy groups.

Elon personally responded to the letter commenting, “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

After that Musk sarcastically wrote, “I wonder if those funding these organizations are fully aware of what the organizations are doing.” Attached to his post was a report from the Dailymail detailing that the groups behind the letter were funded by the Clintons, former Obama staffers, and dark money Soros groups.

They didn’t see this one coming.