Careless Robber Begs For Mercy After Plot Foiled [Raw Footage]

Robber’s Theft Attempt Foiled By Quick Thinking Cell Phone Vendor.

A Houston, Texas Latino Cell Phone store was the site of a foiled robbery in April of 2017, and the footage from the incident was just released this past week. The surveillance footage reveals robber, John Bell, entering the store and demanding that the female employee open the register.

John Bell was armed and could have gotten away with this robbery if it had not been for the quick thinking employee. The female employee told him “No” she refused to open the register. She then walked out the front door.  Bell having lost control of the situation decided to steal some phones instead. While he focused on the phones the employee ushered the other people out of the store. She then proceeded to lock him in.

Bell didn’t notice that anything was wrong and until he went to exit with the phones and was unable to. Bell realizing he messed up then proceeded to do everything he could to get out. He tried to force the door open by running into shoulder first, shot at it, and after he had exhausted all possibilities, he begged his captor to let him out. He even put the phones back.

Watch The Raw Surveillance Footage Below.

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As you see in the video Bell knows he is going to jail. He apologizes and begs the employee to let him out but she ensures that justice is served. She opens the door but only when the police show up to arrest him. This will teach John Bell not to steal.

He plead “guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to five years in prison.