They Never Committed A Crime, But The Cops Still Stole $107K From…

The abnormality of the justice system leaves some people in despair.

That’s exactly what happened to Adam and Jennifer Perry who were allegedly accused on the spot of a crime after police were able to seize more than $107,000 from the couple’s vehicle.

The Illinois police searched the couple’s Toyota Tundra on their routine traffic stop and used a K-9 unit and found a suitcase containing $102,000 in cash.

Police Seize $107,000 From Married Couple Under Civil Forfeiture Law
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Dispatch-Argus reported:

After pulling them over for the routine traffic stop, the Illinois police searched the couple’s Toyota Tundra with the help of a K-9 unit and found a suitcase containing $102,000 in cash, and another $5,520 was found in Jennifer’s wallet. Although no drugs were found, the police suspected the Perrys of criminal activity, so they seized their cash as well as their vehicle.

But after several years after the traffic stop for overspeeding, no charges were ever filed against them yet the money of the couple is still not been claimed or returned but instead, it was seized for good because of the civil forfeiture law.

The Perrys explained that they are on their way to a doctor’s appointment in Salt Lake City, Utah where Adam is scheduled to see a hearing specialist which indicates that the couple did nothing wrong except for overspeeding.

They explained that the money was from insurance settlements, vehicle sales, personal income, disability benefits, and other legal means but it’s now long gone just because of a malfunctioning justice system.

What is our right to fight, when the law itself needs to be manually corrected?

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