There Is A Reckoning Coming That Is Going to Bring The Media & The Dems To Their Knees

The Democrat Party and the media are about to be exposed and regardless of what happens in court the damage will be done.

Court filings in the Durham investigation are showing some very juicy details that show coordinated collusion between Fusion GPS – the group that created the Steele Dossier – and members of the media.

A filing showed pages of emails between Fusions GPS  the Washington Post and other news outlets that initially claimed the dossier was “bullsh*t.”

Just weeks later, the Washington Post would go full throttle pushing the Russiagate conspiracy theories.

There’s another email chain that shows Atlantic reporter Franklin Foer and fusion GPS in communication about Carter Page. Soon after, Foer was the author behind the Alfa Bank story that was later debunked.

The 62-page document shows that every major media outlet knew – not suspected – they were pushing disinformation about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Fusion GPS has also gotten caught up in their own lie.

In an attempt to keep communications between the Hillary Campaign quiet there have been arguments that Fusion GPS was providing “legal advice” to the campaign. However, previous court documents show that the Clinton Campaign hired Fusion GPS for “political research.”

Durham is calling their bluff and has issued trial subpoenas to Hillary Campaign, the DNC, and Fusion GPS. If they want their communications to remain a secret they are going to have to testify under oath.

Oh, and there’s more…

The left is freaking out over the fact that Elon Musk is in the process of purchasing Twitter. Many believe it’s because Democrats worry they will lose power but it also appears it is because Musk didn’t buy a company, he bought evidence.

When Twitter lawyer Jim Baker was general counsel of the FBI he personally arranged the meeting between the FBI and Michael Sussman who is the center of the Durham investigation.

Additionally a second top Twitter lawyer, Vijaya Gadde was a key player in banning the New York Post over the Hunter Biden story and throwing President Trump off the platform.

The storm is brewing folks and when it all goes public it is going to act like a wrecking ball.