VIDEO: Biden’s in Big Trouble, Nancy Is Ticked! Joe Has Run Out Of Places To Hide ‘Speaker Pelosi Is Unhappy With…

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was bobbing and weaving during a recent press conference as she tried to explain away why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is furious with President Biden.

Everyone in Washington DC knows the red wave is coming in November and Democrats are trying to stop the bleeding however, Joe Biden isn’t helping.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is furious over the way the Biden Administration is handling the Title 42 immigration policy.

A politician with at least half a brain would know that if you are going to remove a divisive restriction – that will make you look bad – do it after an election. However, the Biden administration is planning on removing the policy after May 23rd regardless of the latest court ruling that only put a 14-day stay on Title 42.

“There has been reporting that Speaker Pelosi is unhappy with the way that the White House has handled Title 42 and worried that if it comes up for a vote as a part of a Ukraine package that Democrats wouldn’t have the votes to defeat that,” asked Jacqui Heinrich of Fox News. “Does the White House share that concern and what do you make of Pelosi seeming to be kind of shaky on just how close she is to the White House on this decision?”

“Well, I would say we’re incredibly close with Speaker Pelosi and the president has known her for many many decades,” Psaki responded.

“I don’t have more to spell out or explain what her meaning was, or what defeated means or doesn’t mean. There are many strong feelings and points of view on Capitol Hill, in the House, and in the Senate about Title 42,” she continued.

“It wasn’t a decision made by the White House, it was a decision to lift it by the CDC,” Psaki. “The authority was given to them by Congress, and our efforts and our focus is on implementation, and the department, the secretary of Homeland Security is obviously testifying on that, so I don’t have any more to explain on the particular comments but we obviously work with Speaker Pelosi on a range of issues including immigration.”

Funny, I thought the CDC worked for the White House?

Pelosi knows that if Biden removes Title 42 the crisis that America witnessed under the international bridge near Del Rio, Texas is going to look like a drop of water in the ocean. The results are going to solidify the impending red tsunami that is going to occur in November. Additionally, Biden’s six-point plan to deal with the removal of Title 42 isn’t making her feel comfortable. She along with the rest of the country has seen Biden’s plans in action and the results have been devastating.

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