Germany Proves Trump Was Right About Refugees

Germany Is Now Making A Rape Free Zone To Deter Refugee Culture.

Liberals have big hearts and want to save everyone regardless of the consequences. That is why we are lucky to have Trump in power. It is fine to help those in need but first, we also need to weed out the bad elements that would do America harm. That is exactly why Trump has the travel ban and has limited the number of refugees coming into our country. He lowered the Obama increased number of 110,000 refugees accepted a year to 50,000. We need to ensure the safety of Americans before we end up like Germany.

Germany did what the liberals in our country wanted to do they gave in and took in 1 million Refugees. This is a huge group of people and there is no way they were all properly vetted. Germany has changed drastically where women are now rightfully afraid of being assaulted. Back in 2015 during the New Years Eve Celebration, the change occurred. Usually, police would worry about pickpockets and fireworks so they only had a police force of 142 officers. That year they were not equipped to handle the amount of crime that occurred.

“As 2016 neared on Dec. 31, however, some 1,500 men, including some newly arrived asylum seekers and many other immigrants, had instead assembled around Cologne’s train station. Drunk and dismissive of the police, they took advantage of an overwhelmed force to sexually assault and rob hundreds of people, according to police reports, shocking Germany and stoking anxieties over absorbing refugees across Europe.”

They quickly realized that the newly accepted refugees were the cause of the incident.

“Police reports and the testimony of officials and victims suggest that the officers failed to anticipate the new realities of a Germany that is now host to up to a million asylum seekers, most from war-torn Muslim countries unfamiliar with its culture.”

So In 2016 German police sprang into action. Concerned about a reoccurrence of the sexual assault/theft that happened in 2015 and on edge over the then-recent terrorist attack via tractor-trailer truck they readied themselves. They used barricades and put out a police force of 1500 some armed with assault weapons. They also set a helicopter and water cannon on standby.

Germany’s 2016 response to the 2015 crime mob.

So this year in Germany at the request of the police force and to hopefully prevent an incident like 2015, the red cross is putting together a rape-free zone. Which you would think would be everywhere, but I guess during this event they are thinking there will be a higher chance of incidents. They will also be increasing the manpower as the previous year’s celebration only had 1500 police officers present.

“In Berlin, strict safety precautions, including the banning of large bags, rucksacks, glass bottles and alcoholic beverages, will also be enforced. About 500 security personnel will be on the premises, as well as some 1,600 extra police officers deployed throughout the city.”

The scary thought is that these incidents could have easily happened in the US in Times Square or during any event if we had not had the strong opposition against allowing more refugees in. This could also have been a reality if Hillary had won. She could have easily attempted to take more refugees in using the Obama “test of our common humanity” line. Luckily Our President fights against this irrational line of thought. So much so that he is planning to lower the number of accepted refugees.

Watch the Video Below.

Thankfully we have Trump who is constantly keeping bleeding heart liberals at bay or we could easily become the next Germany with “rape-free zones.”